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Safety of an installation by Five Star Fireplaces will always be superior to an unqualified individual.


Our certification and expertise is backed by our suppliers, our customers, insurance companies, fireplace manufacturers, retail outlets and insurance builders. They know Five Star Fireplaces have the background knowledge of what safety standards are required of an installer, when a fireplace is installed into someones home. Five Star Fireplaces values the lives and property of others and respects their values too.


Upon recent years and continuing now, Five Star Fireplaces see seriously unsafe and wrong fireplace installations by uncertified installers. Most of who are not specifically insured for fireplace installations or do not have the correct qualifications to be in the industry. I have had feedback from fireplace owners who had installs done by others and they said the unqualified installer/handyman simply did not care and just rush in and leave and never return when questioned about the issues that arise after an the unsafe fireplace installation.


When Five Star Fireplaces inspects your fireplace it is our duty of care to advise you of any unsafe issues that have been found on the fireplace and the installation. Think of it like this, you are burning a fire inside your home, so you want to make sure the fireplace, flue system and hearth are safe and installed correctly.


Australian standards As2918 have their guidelines there for the safety of fireplaces being installed in our homes. Five Star Fireplaces has a high safety standard and are respected in this way by our customers.


Call now for professional advise and superior expertise in supplies and installations with the latest in up to date standards and specifications.

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